Teachers train to be educators – beacons of guidance to the young (and young-at-heart). Paperwork and administrative processes distract teachers from their core mission and passion.

Approva was created to help educators with that goal. It is an end-to-end solution for the administrative processes in schools.


For most teachers shuffling between classes during the day, the mobile device is the most effective medium for keeping in sync with school operations.

Features for Teacher

  • View daily timetable at a glance.
  • Automatically generate relief request when taking leave.
  • Stay notified of incoming requests/application statuses.
  • Accept or reject relief duties on the go.
  • Apply for leave or travel.

Features for School Management

  • Banded Lessons
  • Intelligent recommendation for teacher relief
  • Customizable approval flow
  • Detailed leave report


Used by Singapore MOE schools to handle the most tedious administrative tasks.

Keeps teachers informed

Statuses of leave applications and relief duties notifications are promptly pushed down to the teachers.

Paperless Environment

Processes can now be handled digitally in a secure and efficient manner. It is also our way of being environmentally friendly.

Improves process accuracy

User actions are properly recorded in the system and school processes are adhered to, ensuring process compliance.

Enhanced Productivity

School management and teachers spend less time on mundane and manual tasks which leave more time for core duties.

Better collaboration

Control the flow of school processes and reduce frustation through well communicated intentions and actionables.

Easy schedule management

Relieving and swapping of schedules made easy by fast and intuitive user interface.

Who is it for?

If you have a need to manage relief assignments, take a look at Approva. If you have not implemented relief management for your school, Approva may change your mind. Take a look anyway.

Tight integration

A tight integration between the timetable, leave and relief management system helps to reduce the amount of work that goes into administering the school.

  • With a complete view of every teacher's timetable, relief arrangements are automatically recommended based on a teacher's absence.
  • Effortless process automation means teachers can spend more time on the teaching.
  • Automation means less work for administrators - reports are easily generated as a result of users using the system.

What’s inside the mobile app

My Timetable

Timetable Module

Timetable information that stays up-to-date with relief lessons.

Convenient access to request for lesson relief/swap.

Leave Application

Leave Module

Streamlines the application process to integrate with the timetable and relief modules to make sure all stakeholders stay informed.

Overseas Travel

Overseas Travel Module

Capture places of travel for travel declarations so that the school can stay informed of staff movement. Information recorded may be useful in times of pandemics or emergencies.

Relief Matters

Relief Module

Handles lesson swaps and lesson relief requests. Intelligently suggests only available teachers for relief.

Facility Booking

Facility Booking Module

Coordinates the booking of facility and equipment.

Prevents double-booking of facilities and ensures available equipment are surfaced for booking.

Fault/Safety Reporting

Fault Reporting Module

Easy reporting of faults observed in school campus to make it easy for the operations team to fix, and update the repair status to keep the reporter informed.

Pending Approval

Approval Module

Integrates with the leave module to facilitate a hierarchical arrangement of approval flow.


Enjoy all the features of Approva with one flat pricing for the whole school.

Our fuss free, cost-effective pricing will mean no worrying about complicated pricing structure.

Our managed backend systems alert our engineers to potential issues for faster fault resolution all year around to keep downtime to a minimum.

For more information and a live demonstation, drop us a note using the contact form below and our sales consultant will get in touch with you.


US$ 5500

per annum

Contact us for special pricing if your school has fewer than 100 teachers.

Approva is now available on Apple App and Google Play Stores!

If you have an account with us, you can now download the mobile app to start using Approva on your devices.

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